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TI emulator will not work on motorola xoom tablet


I have two roms on my xoom. One for TI84 plus SE v2.55 which I extracted from my TI 84 Plus SE calculator with rom8x and one for TI83plus which I got from my TI83plus calculator a long time ago. Both are found by wabbitemu when wabbit searches for roms on my xoom running android v4.12, but when I click on either rom, the emulator will not load. When clicking on rom to use xoom rotates to portrait mode with a dark screen and then immediately closes and rotates back to a landscape mode to home screen where ICONS are on xoom. I know TI83plus rom is good because ANDIE graph uses it and emulates the TI83plus on xoom. I have no emulator to test the TI84plusSEv255 rom on but I have to assume it is OK since rom8x just created it from my calculator. Please advise me what to try.


BuckeyeDude wrote Apr 29, 2014 at 7:03 AM

Looking into this