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Wabbitemu COM Interface

Wabbitemu provides a COM class object that allows a user to access all of the internal features of a running Wabbitemu core without any programming language-specific restrictions. You can create a Wabbitemu instance from C/C++, any .NET language, VBScript, or JScript without any changes or additions to Wabbitemu. 

Getting Started

To use the COM interface you must register the class object. This can be done via the regsvr32 tool. Simply open an administrative command prompt, navigate to the directory containing the Wabbitemu DLL and execute regsvr32 Wabbitemu.dll. You should get a message box telling you registration has succeeded.

If you're using a .NET language, you can open Visual Studio and simply add a reference to the DLL. Visual Studio will translate all the unmanaged COM interfaces into a nice Interop DLL that allows you to call the functions through managed code. Once you've added the reference to the project, you're done. You can proceed to look at some of the code samples below, or download the sample C# or Visual Basic projects. Wabbitemu is available for Registration-Free COM meaning users do not have to run the regsvr32 command (good if you don't want to require administrative access or an installer). To isolate the COM object simply open the Properties window for the reference and change Isolated to True. Note: You will still need to have the dll registered on your computer to build your application. If you want to test either unregister your DLL using the regsvr32 /u switch or by testing on a different computer.

If you're using unmanaged code (C++) you'll need to import the DLL. Add the line

#import "Wabbitemu.dll" no_namespace

into your header file (make sure Wabbitemu.dll is in an included directory). Also make sure you have added support for ATL in your project settings.

Class Objects

  • coclass Wabbitemu
Implements IWabbitemu





Sample Project: Download

' Instantiate a new Wabbitemu object
Dim Calc
Set Calc = CreateObject("Wabbit.Wabbitemu")

Calc.LoadFile "ti83p.rom"
Calc.LoadFile "test.8xp"

' List every APP on the calculator
For Each App in Calc.Apps
    WScript.Echo "APP on calc: " & App.Name

Calc.Visible = True
Calc.Running = True 


Sample Project: Download

Wabbitemu Calc = new Wabbitemu();


foreach (TIApplication App in Calc.Apps)
    Console.WriteLine("APP on calc: " + App.Name);

Calc.Visible = true;
Calc.Running = true;

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