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Installing Alternate File-Types on Android

I am attempting to install Ion 1.6, but am unable to transfer the required .83g file. I have used both the ti-83 plus and 84 plus, to no avail.

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TI-85 ROM crashes on Android

When using WabbitEmu on Android (ver: 1.06.2), and you load a TI-85 of pretty much any version (tested with OS version 9 and 10), then the app will crash upon loading of the ROM.

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WabbitEmu won't show up on screen - Windows 10

I feel like I've searched everywhere and tried everything, but I can't find any solution to this issue. Whenever I open up WabbitEmu it doesn't show up on screen. The strange part is that it DOES s...

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OS File Corruption Error for Laptop Download

Every time I try to download a calculator on my laptop I keep on getting "OS file is corrupt or invalid." The steps that I do are to first download Wabbitemu and then I go through the setup which i...

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Outdated Paid-Version in Google Play Store

The Rom downloads sadly are still not working on the paid version of wabbitemu on google play. It works fine in the non-paid version though. It seems that you forgot to update the paid version as i...

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Defragmentation Causes Calculator to Freeze

Every time I try and run an application the calculator tries to defragment. This causes the calculator to freeze and need to be re-setup from the rom, which obviously clears all the data. Any help ...

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Buttons don't work.

I have a Windows 10 PC. I have a feeling that the calculator emulator does not work on Windows 10. I think that I did everything else right. Any help/suggestions?

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Completely transparent; no options

im not sure what happened, i was just looking around in the options looking for a way to keep it from automatically "turning off", and all of the options disappear.

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The calculator does not let me use my mouse to control it.

I downloaded the emualtor recently on my mac. But for some reason my mouse isn't synced up with the buttons nor is it allowing me to click on or cotnrol the calculator in any way. If anyone knows...

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Trouble downloading os on android app

I downloaded the android app on my phone but everytime I try to install the os it says it cannot be installed I had this app be before and it worked fine so I don't understand what is the problem n...

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