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OS File Corruption Error for Laptop Download


Every time I try to download a calculator on my laptop I keep on getting "OS file is corrupt or invalid." The steps that I do are to first download Wabbitemu and then I go through the setup which included: 1) create a ROM image using open source software, 2) I pick the calculator (I tried all of them), 3) I click download OS files from TI's website (tried both versions of files), 4) gave the file a name and then 5) clicked finish.


Biscuit wrote Feb 27 at 7:30 PM

They say that TI shut down the open source capability, but I have tried it "from a real calculator" and it still tells me the OS is invalid. I've tried it with a TI-84 running OS 2.40, a TI-84 running OS 2.55, and a TI-84 Plus SE.

Eucalyptine wrote Mar 15 at 4:06 AM

Here's how you create a ROM file from a calculator.
Here's how you create a ROM file using open source software.

Yes it is still possible to use the open source software. Wabbit has a glitch where it does not properly download the OS file from the TI website and you can circumvent that by downloading it directly. Read the Imgur album.