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SE001: File not found - Could not find the file ‘filename’

A file at the path given to #include, .echo, or getc() cannot be found.

SE002: File no access - Could not access the file ‘filename’

A file at the path given to #include, .echo, or getc() cannot be accessed due to permission or other availability problems.

SE100: Local label forward ref - Reference to a local label which does not exist

The local label used in the expression was never defined and cannot be resolved. This means a local label “_” has been used in an expression, but a corresponding local label was never defined. This can happen most easily in expressions that contain multiple local labels using the “skip” syntax of preceding “+” signs. For example, “++_” would require at least two local labels to be defined after the usage of the expression.

 ld a,(variable)
 cp 20
 jr c,+_      ; Error SE100 
 ld a,20

SE101: Local label syntax - Error in local label's syntax (had leading +/- but no _)

A local label expression uses “+” and “-“ to select which local label definition’s value to use. Multiple “+”s or “-“s in a row move sequentially forward or backward, respectively. A problem with a local label expression can cause this error.

 jr c,++      ; Error SE101
 jr c,++_

SE102: Arg used without value - Argument 'arg' used without value

A argument to a macro was used inside of the macro without having a value passed in. This behavior is allowed to enable optional arguments. To check for an argument that does not have a value, use “#ifndef".

#define Test(x) x
       ; Error SE102

SE103: Operator expected - Expecting an operator, found ‘char’ instead

An arithmetic operator was expected in an expression, but an unexpected character was found instead.

 .db 10 a 20  ; Error SE103
 .db 10 + 20

SE104: Value expected - Expecting a value, expression ended early

A value was expected, but was not provided.

cp 20 +      ; Error SE104
; Error SE104
 .db 10,      ; Error SE104

SE105: Bad Value Prefix – Unrecognized value prefix ‘char’

A value prefix was given that was not recognized.

SE106: Label Not Found – Could not find label or macro ‘string’

Specified label or macro could not be found.

SE107: Invalid Address – The value ‘string’ is not a valid Z80 address

The given address is not a valid Z80 address.

SE108: Size Must Be Positive – The value ‘string’ is a size and must be positive

The given value was not positive.

SE109: Filename Expected – Expecting a filename, none was provided

A filename was expected, but was not provided.

SE110: Invalid Operands – The opcode ‘string’ was given invalid operands

Invalid operands were provided.

SE111: Unknown Preop – Unknown preprocessor command

An unknown preprocessor command was given.

SE112: Unknown Directive – Unknown assembler directive ‘string’

An unknown assemble directive was given.

SE113: Unknown Opcode – Unknown opcode ‘string’

An unknown opcode was given.

SE114: Equate Missing Label – Equate is missing corresponding label

A label was not provided.

SE115: Exceeded Recursion Limit – Recursion depth limit exceeded

Recursion limit exceeded.

SE200: Invalid Decimal Digit – Invalid digit ‘char’ in the decimal number ‘string’

An invalid digit was provided in the decimal number.

SE201: Invalid Hex Digit – Invalid digit ‘char’ in the hexadecimal number ‘string’

An invalid digit was provided in the hexadecimal number.

SE202: Invalid Binary Digit – Invalid digit ‘char’ in the binary number ‘string’

An invalid digit was provided in the binary number.

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