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wabbitemu [-N] [-A] [-R] [-F] [-S] [File1 [File2 etc]]


Each argument sent into Wabbitemu is treated as a file name. You can supply the names of as many files you want to load. Refer below to the -A and -R switch as to how to load the to RAM or Archive. By default when loading files into Wabbitemu it first checks to see if there is an already running process. If there is, Wabbitemu will simply send the files to the already running process and terminate the current running Wabbitemu. This behavior can be overriden by the -N switch.


  • -A|R
These switches are used to send files to RAM or Archive. Once -A or -R is used every file afterwards is sent to to Archive (for -A) or RAM (-R). They may be used within the same command if you wish to send files to RAM and Archive. Ex:

wabbitemu -A test.8xp temp.8xp -R Zelda.8xk ball.8xp
This would send test.8xp temp.8xp and Zelda.8xk to Archive. ball.8xp would be sent to RAM.
  • -F
This switch specifies that the process should attempt to steal focus from whatever is currently running.
  • -N
This option indicates that the Wabbitemu being created should spawn a new process regardless of whether the user settings attempt to load to an already running version. This overrides the behavior described in the arguments section. This is useful to avoid losing control of a process if you are creating it programatically. If you are using this switch it must be the first argument wabbitemu processes. Ex: wabbitemu -N rest of your args
  • -S
Warning: Don't mess with this switch unless you know what you are doing. You probably don't care anyway.
This option specifies to Wabbitemu that you want to run in silent mode. Silent mode simply means no GUI which can be very useful if you want to remote control wabbit via some other program. Often times while using the Wabbitemu COM interface you will use this to keep the user from seeing the original Wabbitemu process. Because there is no running window, you will need to close this process either programatically or through Task Manager. Also keep in mind that this runs exactly like a normal Wabbitemu process, meaning that if you attempt to load files without the -N switch they will be redirected to this one.

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